Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh For Dog's Sake

It's been more than 4 years since my last exhibition,it happen because I didn't have time to make any artwork due to my job activities. Therefore starting this year I've planned to back to "art activity" where ever I am. Fortunately there is a starting point, I got information from Hellen (my friend) that her gallery gonna hold an exhibition on this May for helping Bali dogs, the exhibition called "Oh For Dog's Sake". So I made a concept and a plan what to make and how to make it, it took me long and many experiments to produce a photo work because I often don't have much time to execute the concept, and I met lot of failures with the gear and... the model. At the end I've finished the photo work, the exhibition run well, and last news I heard that my photo work was sold! yeah, very happy to hear that, hope it helps Bali dogs..:)

Title : Content
Media : photo on canvas
Year : 2011


  1. that was a great news at that time, happy that my artwork can contribute to help Bali dogs.. Thanx Bunda..:)