Friday, August 29, 2014

On Any Sunday: It's family time!

Last weekend me and my family went to Bedugul National Park in central Bali and rented a villa inside. We spent overnight and did lots of fun activities especially for the kids. We grew from a various background and most of us went to a same college which makes us close to each other like a family, we grew together, fight and laugh at the same time, and we knew each other.

Currently we are stay and make a living in Bali, and one thing that keep us together is: we are far away from home! and these bunch of people are the closest family we could stand for.

We went on Saturday morning using a chartered bus and a car as luggage van, sure we do have lots of stuffs to make sure we won't missed anything, since we are going to stay in the middle of the national park where there is no 24 hours convenience store nearby.

When we arrived at the National Park, first thing we did was having a lunch!

And after, we continued the trip by walk to the villa which located in the middle of the National Park. We used the luggage van to carry moms and kids and the boys continue walking with the sound of nature and cool musics from cool speaker as back sound.

After a few moments, we were arrived at the villa. The ladies are preparing the dinner and we are preparing the playground for the kids. What a fun activities, full of laugh, love, and freedom from the nature..

After everything has prepared, we call the kids and started the games..
Let the game begin!

Not only the kids, the big boys also having fun in the playground..

The kids are having fun! For sure!

After the first game for kids, we prepared the 2nd game for them, its treasure hunt! prepare the costumes, kiddos! 

The treasure hidden in a secret spot..

Uncle Rony and Uncle Arfan are preparing the map for kids to find the treasure..

And let the hunt begin!

Okay kiddos, its time for you to take a shower, and we are the big boys want to have fun too!

Our dinner.. 

  1. And that night the kids were sleeping like angels after the long and tired day..

Next morning, we woke up quite early to welcoming the sun and the new day..

Our morning activities, before lunch and prepare to going back home..

And we got a guest, Om Dan and Tante Desy came to visit us..

And before we are leaving Bedugul, we made a family photo..

Thank you everyone, see you on the next run away holiday..
It was fun!!

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